New: Solid Perfume Compacts

Lili Bermuda Solid Perfume Compacts are the modern girl’s must-have handbag essential. And just like our other fragrance products, the Solid Perfume is hand created right at The Bermuda Perfumery. The wax is melted and weighed, the oil is dropped in, and the mixture is then very carefully poured into the trays. Each compact is inspected for perfection and finished up with a nice buffing before packaging in our signature Lili Bermuda blue velvet bags.




Our solid perfume compacts are the ideal way for you to bring your favourite fragrance to work or a night on the town. It’s small size is a perfect fit for your purse. Going on a trip? This won’t interfere with your liquids count so you can put it in your carry on or in your suitcase. No more spills or broken bottles. This product will fit your 'on the go' lifestyle and complete your wardrobe.

How to use: Gently swipe your finger across the solid and apply in the same spots as your liquid fragrance. No need to overdo it, a little goes a long way. With a mix of beeswax, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and Lili Bermuda fragrance, you’ll love the smooth and silky application that leaves your skin oh so soft! Suitable for all skin types.

The beautifully engraved silver Lili Bermuda Solid Perfume Compact is available in Coral, Pink, Lily, Petals, Oleander, Passion Flower, Alegria and Paradise. The compact measures at only 2" x 1.5".


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