The Art of Our Window Display

With each change of season, we have the excitement of designing our window display! The process is so much fun. We talk about possible themes, sketch out concepts and make our vision come to life.

Handcrafted Flowers Arranging Flowers

Marie-France, our Hamilton boutique manager shares, "We wanted to feature the beauty of our beautiful spring flowers in Coral, Pink and Lily. I was inspired by the shapes of roses, lilies, freesias, green leaves, peonies and others. Winter is a wonderful time in Bermuda to get inspired as the weather is very mild, not too hot and not too cold. The sun is low and glitters perfectly on the water. I loved taking the time to create this garden for our beautiful perfumes."

Like our fragrance products, each elegant floral design was hand crafted. The petals were individually cut out, arranged and glued before the finishing touches were applied.
Glue Time! Finished Flower
And voila! Here is the completed garden of art! We hope that you can come see our creative work in person at Butterfield Place, 67 Front Street, Hamilton.

Lili Bermuda Garden Display






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