Winter in Bermuda

Let’s get creative….

There is no better place than Bermuda to spend the winter months. I sometimes wonder why the Island is so quiet during this time of the year….it is my favorite time: the sunlight glitters impeccably on the water, my roses are at their best, and it is not too cold, not too warm…just perfect!

So this is when I open my book of ideas, all the ideas I have accumulated during the summer, and make them happen. Last year’s events of the America’s Cup Louis Vuitton World Series Bermuda gave me the idea of creating a fragrance which truly represents Bermuda’s nautical theme, but with an original, modern twist…not your predictable ozonique fougère.

I want this one to be unisex, universal and bold. So I am playing with some ideas of watery orange zest, spicy bay rum and suriname cherry leaves, maybe some floral nuances of neroli (one of my favorite notes) and a white musky cedar dry down. How does that sound? The most interesting part about creating a new scent is that you start with some ideas, and as you make iterations, you often discover complete new directions. It has happened many times in creating fragrances that the final composition had nothing in common with my original inspiration.

What else will I do this winter? I will catch up with the Bermuda restaurant scene, and discover inspiring new wines and desserts, and take long walks along our railroad trail smelling everything on my path. On the cultural scene, I am looking forward to the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts from January 22 to March 5, 2016 I am particularly intrigued by the Williamsburg Symphony Orchestra, which will be performing on January 29 at Hamilton’s City Hall. The Orchestra will perform original work commissioned by composer Michael Williamson about “The Sea Venture: Songs of the Early Settlers of Bermuda and Jamestown”. The inspiration of a perfumer comes from so many sensory experiences.

Let me know your thoughts about how you like to spend your winter in Bermuda: what’s your favorite place to hangout, get inspired and recharge.

Happy Winter!


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