A Letter from Isabelle

January in Bermuda is for me a time of reflection. A time when I rest, read and start preparing for the spring, for the re-birth. I often make fun and say that it is my “hang over” month – waking up after the abuse of the holidays: too much food and wine, parties, as well as shopping extravaganza and working madly day after day to make sure each one of my customer will be happy. So there is a lot of detox needed: uncluttering, cleaning, and even re-decorating! I always take some time away from Bermuda as well. I love taking a few days by myself and I go to Florida with a pile of good books and magazines.

This year, I will be going to South Beach and I will see my favorite speaker, Matthew Kelly, who will continue to inspire me to live a life of Passion and Purpose.

Matthew is an amazing author and speaker, and he inspires me everyday to become the “best version of myself”. An attitude that I try to pass on to my children and to my staff. My late husband introduced me to his writings about 10 years ago and I have devoured every one of his books ever since.

I enjoy my moments of solitude to recharge and to fill my soul with good meditation. In my list of readings, you will find The “O” Magazine – I looove Oprah, the Economist – I am a news junkie, and the book “For All the Tea in China” by Sarah Rose, which tells the story of Robert Fortune’s dangerous mission of searching for new and exotic plants in China back in the 1800’s . This book was offered to me by my friend Jean-Michel, who has become a kindred spirit in the last few years. We rarely see or talk to each other, but when we do, we really connect. We send books to each other. Books we loved reading which we know will resonate. Jean-Michel’s friendship is special. 

While I am in Florida I will most certainly also spend an afternoon shopping and smelling everything that has seen the light of day since the last year. I will probably do a coveted 8-hour shift at Sephora and just smell my heart away. I like to smell new perfumes, find out who’s doing what, who’s doing well, who’s not and why. I love speaking with the staff at the perfume counter and find out what they like and what takes them to heaven.

I am always working on new perfume ideas and times away like this inspire me. I like to try new food, wines and deserts, I love going to art galleries, and there too see who’s doing what. I love to be inspired by tastes, foods, textures and sounds. Perfumery is multi-sensorial in every way. Perfumery touches souls like nothing else.

Happy January to you all. I hope yours will be extraordinary too!

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