Be a Lili Bride: Part I


When A Photograph Isn’t Enough:
Your special occasion scent is a timeless reminder of your wedding day.

When he sees you for the very first time on your wedding day, you will take his breath away and he will be in awe of being able to receive you as his wife. With your own Lili Bermuda special occasion signature fragrance, you can bring him back to that moment each time you wear it and you will both reflect on that moment where you became husband and wife.

Discover Your Special Occasion Signature Fragrance
As you prepare for your wedding day, be sure to book a luxury shopping experience with Lili Bermuda. Our Fragrance Consultants will help guide you through the Lili Bermuda Fragrance Library of eleven distinct scents to discover your unforgettable fragrance for your incredibly special day. Bring your Maid-of-Honour for a second opinion or take a vial home with you to poll your family and friends.

Wear It In Layers On Your Wedding Day
Fragrance is best when worn in layers, meaning that the same scent is applied through different products. When picking out your special occasion perfume be sure to bring home the body wash, lotion, and compact with the same fragrance as well. On your wedding day, start your morning lathering yourself in your Lili Bermuda body wash. While your skin is still moist, liberally apply your Lili Bermuda body lotion before adding a few drops of perfume to your pulse points. Have your Maid-of-Honour keep your Lili Bermuda solid fragrance compact stored in your beauty bag, should you need to reapply after the ceremony.

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