Celebrating 90 Years

The Bermuda Perfumery is celebrating 90 years of Bermuda tradition and know-how. This anniversary offers the opportunity to celebrate our Legacy Collection unique perfumes: 6 iconic perfumes made of 6 local flowers. We wanted a very floral and fragrant display. A window that you can almost smell just looking at it!

Easter Lily is Lili Bermuda's Raison d'être. This fragrance is our personal homage to this magnificent white flower, emblem of our beautiful Island. Easter Lily is a classic white floral fragrance, with timeless nuances of vanilla and rich white muscs.

Frangipani The Frangipani flower gave us the inspiration to compose this beautiful classic white Chypre fragrance. This irresistible fragrance is seductive and opulent combined with spicy sensual nuances.

Bermudiana evokes the diverse nature of the Island. It is a peaceful blue, brilliant green and pure white scent. Bermudiana is femininity, everlasting joy and a knowing smile in a bottle.

Jasmine is white floral fragrance with bold and vivid accents of warm spices and sparkling fruits. It celebrates the luxurious lifestyle of Bermuda, the classic elegance of Front Street and the breeze of our turquoise waters.

Oleander is an icon of femininity and elegance. It is the 'little black dress' of Lili Bermuda's Ladies Collection. Oleander is finesse paired with sophisticated allure. It is an immortal treasure, a soft and silken picture of Bermuda's style and classic elegance.

Passion Flower is a refreshing cocktail of tropical fruits and exotic flowers, which releases the hidden young girl in each woman. This fragrance is the perfect accessory for a night out or daytime island fun. Passion Flower is the treasured heirloom of our feminine collection.

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