How to Be a Lili Maid-of-Honour

Be A Lili Bermuda Maid-of-Honour:
Three easy ways to go above-and-beyond with pre-wedding duties

You’ve been through it all together. As her closest friend and confidant, she has chosen you to be by her side as she prepares to walk down the aisle. Before the day of her pending nuptials, there are lots of little things to do. With her permission, you can help the bride-to-be tackle some of the pre-wedding planning by hosting celebration events at The Bermuda Perfumery, Stewart Hall, and its ethereal private garden.

Three Ways Lili Bermuda Can Help You Be the Best Maid-of-Honour:

  1. Engagement Party and Photoshoot
    As you enter you see the golden yellow Allamanda flowers gently folding around the garden gate. Fuchsia bougainvillea vines weave themselves in and out of your view. The beauty in the blooms and cascading scents mirror the happiness radiating from the bride-to-be as she poses with her love.
  2. Bridal Shower and High Tea-Party by Sweet P
    The Perfumery Garden is the perfect place to host a surprise afternoon bridal shower and high-tea. Sweet P will indulge your sense with a wide array of simply decadent finger foods: petite cakes, savoury sandwiches and delicate scones served with fresh jam and cream. Relax in the shade and soak-it-all-in.
  3. Lili Bermuda Bachelorette Party
    Create the ultimate Girls-Night-Out by first creating your very own scents at the Perfumery. Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone, Master Perfumer for Lili Bermuda will lead an intimate scent creating workshop served with a generous pouring of mimosas and swag bags for all the ladies. You’ll leave feeling and smelling just devine!

After-all, a Lili Bermuda Maid-of-Honour always goes above-and-beyond.

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