It's Rose Season in Bermuda

It is well known that Bermuda is an Island garden, rich in its many varieties of botanicals. It is indeed most fascinating how each month on this Island smells different from the other. In Bermuda, winter is Rose Season, and the Island is simply covered with roses of all colors, shapes and fragrances. Some are pink, red, white, yellow, orange, we even have green roses! As for scent, some are earthy, fruity, green, waxy, peachy and others are citrusy…..what a range of perfect blooms!

Our “Island Rose” fragrance is inspired by the Harkness Rose that grows on the grounds of the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. You can find the rose bushes all around the hotel. There are a few planted around the courtyard overlooking the Hamilton Harbor. It is a perfect Bermuda Rose, in that it can bloom the morning after a hurricane, smells like a princess and always look ready to impress. But beware, she will prick your fingers as you approach her to experience her delightful fragrance. Her fragrant notes are fresh, quite powerful and citrusy with some notes of iris and peach. It has an elegant dry down of sandalwood and musk. No one is left indifferent at the smell of Island Rose. It’s just really lovely.

Our roses are in crazy bloom during the winter time, but you can still find a few in the summer months. There are many rose gardens around the Island. My two favorites are located at Waterville, the home of the Bermuda National Trust on Pomander Road, and the other one is at the Botanical Gardens, just by Masterworks.

I hope you can come to smell the roses and our “Island Rose” fragrance in Bermuda in 2024. 

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