Lili Bermuda Perfumery at Stewart Hall, the Fragrant Destination

Lili Bermuda Perfumery joins the United Nations in celebrating World Tourism Day 2020.

Are you craving a relaxing fall afternoon? What better time to visit Stewart Hall in St. George! 

Stewart Hall, a Bermuda National Trust property, is one of the favorite St. George’s historic houses to discover. Located at 5 Queen Street, it is the home of world-renowned Lili Bermuda Perfumery which creates and handcrafts Bermuda fragrances since 1928, under the careful eye of Master Perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone.  

Stewart Hall is a prime example of the Bermuda vernacular architecture of the 1700s, with an attractive gable roof offset by two massive chimneys with double flues, among 5 other smaller chimneys. While most of the house is set over two levels, there was a single story addition constructed in the 1800s (which is now Isabelle’s perfume studio) along with a number of outhouses. One of the outhouses is the actual perfumery, where all our perfumes are made. Stewart Hall was named after Duncan Stewart, who was the Attorney General of Bermuda when he purchased the property in 1849, but he never lived there himself. Many generations of Bermudians have lived in her solid walls and the house itself has had many vocations. Through the years it has been a general store, a bakery, a silversmith studio, the St George’s branch of the Bermuda National Library, an architect’s office, and the first home of the St George’s Foundation. Oh the tales she would tell if she could talk……

The first settlement in Bermuda took place in early 1600s, in St George’s, which was the capital of Bermuda until 1812, when it moved to Hamilton. There are many private residences that still exist since the 17th and 18th centuries, reflecting the architecture and lifestyle of that era. When you walk along the narrow alleys of St George, you will discover the unique character of the town’s history simply by reading the alleys' names such Old Maid’s Lane, Featherbed Alley, or Needle & Tread Alley. In December 2000, the Town of St. George was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Isabelle loves Stewart Hall, singular peace heaven where she finds her inspiration. She and her team welcome all visitors like they would open their own home. The Perfumery offers daily complimentary tours at your request in the winter time and at 11am and 3pm during the summer months. You will be delighted to learn about the techniques of perfume making and you will discover where and how we age our perfumes.

Come and visit us! Experience our amazing fragrances and genuine Bermuda hospitality in one of a kind House of Perfume! 

Join Isabelle on a virtual tour of Stewart Hall:

Picture gallery of Stewart Hall:

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