Meet Cara

How long have you worked for the Perfumery?

4 years

Why do you love working at the Perfumery?

I love love nice things, I love to dress up, I love everything feminine and luxurious! There is a sense of pride I get working with a product and for a company that embraces those things. I know how perfume makes me feel and I enjoy sharing that experience with women from all across the world, who come to the Perfumery to find their scent.

We have clients who have never worn perfume before and I have the pleasure of helping them to carefully choose a fragrance. It’s an amazing experience watching them fall in love with it, seeing them leave happy, smelling their wrists all the way down Queen Street and knowing that in some small way, I've touched them.

What do you love to do on your weekends (or days off) around Bermuda?

I love to eat. If I could define my summer in two words it would be 'Barbecue Chicken'. My weekends always involve some barbecue activity with family and friends. If I am working in our Front Street Boutique, I enjoy stopping by Hamilton Princess Beach Club for their 'Marina Nights' happy hour.

Whenever there is a Soca concert, usually around our Cup Match and Heroes Weekend holidays (my favorite times of the year), I like to go. Soca music is a fusion of calypso and reggae music. It’s very upbeat, I always have a good time. Bermuda, in my opinion, is one of the best places to be in the summer.

What we love about Cara:

Cara is Lili Bermuda’s most stylish lady. She has redefined the meaning of “Regal”, in a really classy Bermuda way. Cara loves dressing up and looking good. In her four years here, I can’t recall ever seeing her wear the same clothes! She loves shopping in New York by venturing there whenever she can or by shopping online. To us, Cara is a friend: she is kind, loving and trustworthy. No wonder she is able to sell perfume to people who have never worn any before. You can confide to her. Cara understands….she will make sure you leave with something that fits you perfectly.

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