Meet Marie-France

Marie-France is our lovely Front Street Boutique manager.

How long have you worked at the Perfumery?

I joined Lili Bermuda two years ago when we opened our Front Street boutique. We just celebrated our second anniversary.

Why do you love working at The Perfumery?

I love working for a small local Luxury Company and I am proud of selling unique Made in Bermuda products. I love the fact that we carry on the heritage of the Bermuda Perfumery founded in 1928 but that we also are a very contemporary, trendy brand.

For me it is very important to work for a company that shares the same values, standards and ethics. And I found this harmonious collaboration when I started to work for Isabelle at Lili Bermuda.

It is such a pleasure to warmly welcome people in our boutique, new or existing clients. We want the discovery of our fragrances to be a fun and memorable experience. I love listening to the comments and watching the facial expressions. We sell happiness in liquid!

What do you love to do on your weekends (or days off) around Bermuda?

Whenever I can, I relax at the beach. I love the sun and I cannot get enough of the amazing colors of the sky, ocean and nature in Bermuda. Once in a while, I enjoy a good glass of red wine (French of course) seating at an al fresco terrace.

What we love about Marie-France:

What’s not to love about Marie-France. She completely gets my vision for Lili Bermuda, is immaculate in executing our strategy and always pushes our ideas to new levels. And Marie-France is so much fun to be around and I love spending time with her dreaming about our next window which she masterly decorates many times per year.

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  • I purchased a bottle of Lilli when we were there in May for our anniversary. Not sure if she is the lady I met there or not.

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