Meet Pam

How long have you worked at The Perfumery? 

I have worked here for 23 years - 10 years with the previous owners and 13 years with Isabelle. I feel like I am part of the furniture.

What do you love most about working at The Perfumery?

What I love most is that over the years I have learned so much about perfume. I have met all types of people from all round the world who have heard about us and want smell our scents. We have many customers who come to see us year after year, who have become friends, and who come to replenish their scent.

I also love doing mail orders for our repeat customers. Some of our faithful customers order by phone and they tell me their story of how long they have worn our scents, and the compliments they get from wearing them. It is very heartwarming. For instance there is a lady who contacts us every six months to replenish her most favorite fragrance Paradise. She always lets me know that she has been wearing it for at least 30 years! The last time she called she mentioned that she was chased down the aisle at her local grocery story as the person NEEDED to know what fragrance she was wearing. Of course she was quite happy to say ‘It’s a fragrance from Bermuda!’ and she left it at that.

What do you like to do on your day off /weekends?

I love to relax and watch a good movie with my fiancé Joe. I also spend every other Saturday going to lunch with my daughter. So many options for good lunches in Bermuda!

What we love about Pam (from Isabelle):

Dear dear Pam is the Mother hen of the Bermuda Perfumery, taking care of all of us, especially Isabelle. She is a faithful, kind and generous colleague to whom we owe so much. She knows this business inside out and she is on a first name basis with many of our customers who call her regularly for years to reorder their perfumes. Pam will go out of her way to make sure that everyone is happy with their order. Pam does not speak much for no reason, she goes with the flow...she is very easy to get along with. Be sure to stay on her good side and she will give you the moon.

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