Meet Serena

How long have you worked at The Perfumery?

I have worked at The Bermuda Perfumery since January of this year.

What do you love most about working at The Perfumery?

I love the beautiful, peaceful work environment. Everyone who walks through the doors at the Perfumery is so friendly and warm. The building and gardens are so beautiful and charming. It smells wonderful everyday.

What do you like to do on your day off /weekends?

On my days off I love to take a drive, sometimes to Dockyard and admire the natural beauty of the island. I also enjoy going to the various beaches for a swim from time to time.

What we love about Serena (from Isabelle):

Serena is my Assistant, so she keeps me organized and on task. She is often my confident and I trust her very much for her good advice. I think I interviewed 20 people for that position last January, and when I met Serena, I knew she was the “one”. Serena has many talents: she is also an amazing makeup artist! Serena is amazingly “serene”, and has a very gentle and joyful aura. You simply want to be around her.

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  • Serena is a beautiful person and has a beautiful spirit. Wonderful to be around. Makes everyone feel special when you are around her.

    Lisa Swan on
  • Such a perfect description of Serena that Isabella expressed. When I moved to island at 13, Serena welcomed and befriended me so effortlessly. She made my transition to the island incredibly smooth and comfortable. The Perfumery certainly made the right decision by selecting Serena as an employee, because her warmth and good-nature is refreshingly infectious.

    Danya on