The Power of Perfume

What is the true Luxury of Perfume? It is indeed an expensive treat to yourself and it makes a statement about your personality. Applying it on your skin is part of a ceremonial in your daily beauty routine. And wearing it, is a pleasurable sensorial accessory and a fashion statement. 

Perfume for Lili Bermuda, is an artistic reflection of our idyllic Island. Since 1928, Lili Bermuda finds its inspiration and identity in the beauty of our botanicals, sandy shores, coral reefs, rolling waves, and also in our unique lifestyle, music, festivals, and gastronomy.

Our core values of excellence, beauty and know-how are found in each one of our perfumes. Each perfume has been handcrafted by Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone, our Master Perfumer, and carefully packaged with attention, to provide our clients with promised luxury in each bottle. 

The Luxury of Perfume is overwhelmingly emotional.

The Luxury of Confidence: For many of us, having self-confidence is the key to personal success. Wearing perfume gives you more self-assurance because a well chosen one will attract the attention of people around you. For women and men who want to feel more secure, who want to be remembered, and who want to look more attractive or sensual, perfume will reveal that confidence. 

The Luxury of Identity: Fragrances leave unforgettable memories. People associate their friends with their signature scent. You remember a friend, a loved one or a family member with the particular scent they wear. Through the perfume you choose to wear, you will reveal who you are: what’s your personality and unique style. The same happens when you select a fragrance for someone we love – in many ways you reveal to them how we see them, and what you love about them. 

The Luxury of Seduction: Perfume has the power of making the person wearing it more attractive. Fragrances are a seduction weapon that can be combined with your makeup, outfit, and accessories. Many studies show that many functional products of our daily life contain aromas and fragrances to make us choose to buy them: face cream, deodorants, soaps, tissues, cleaners and many others. The sense of smell is the sense that is most connected to the subconscious. It is believed that the human brain remembers 35% of what it smells and only 5% of what it sees. Perfume is a secret seductive weapon.

The Luxury of Well-Being: Perfume is a unique stress reliever. It is the ultimate “make you feel good” gesture. Worn every day, perfume radiates sensuality which positively impacts your emotional state. A few drops of perfume on the skin can change your disposition and keep you in a joyful mood. Whether you feel playful, mischievous or timid, perfumes offer offer a fun way to express your different moods.

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