Valentine's Day Window of LOVE

Inspiration…of course LOVE. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to remind a loved one that you care. And what better gift than to offer a Lili Bermuda Perfume!

Valentine's Window Bermuda
We cut 5 heart shapes in gator board to create a support for 5 Lili Bermuda LOVE Fragrances. I glued on each heart a box of perfume and the corresponding flower/heart note for each iconic perfume:

Coral: Elegant Pink Rose
Pink: Sweet Peony
Lily: Sparkling Lily of the Valley
Petals: Sensual Jasmine
Oleander: Powdery Iris

Marie-France attached some of our beautiful white ribbon to hang to the ceiling and give that swing effect. Then applied 2 pink hearts on each side of the glass window.

Valentine's Retail Display

You can almost smell the fragrances through the window! Please come see us at 67 Front Street, Hamilton! 

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