Why don't most fragrances stay on me?

This is a common question with many answers. Many of us associate the “quality” of a fragrance with its staying performance on our skin: we think that good quality perfumes last longer on our skin and cheap ones evaporate very quickly. But this is not true at all. Let’s explore the real reasons some fragrances last longer than others:

“Nature” of the fragrance: Some fragrances, for instance, the citrus blends, are made with very volatile essential oils. Citruses are simply unfaithful and will very rapidly evaporate. So often when we build citrus blends we will put in their heart some notes of lavender, petitgrain, some woodsy notes or vetiver or cedar and then coat them with tons of musks. But even then, they will not last for very long…..because of their unfaithful nature. So what should you do: reapply your fragrance every few hours, that’s all you can really do. At the other end of the spectrum you have the very oriental fragrances, whom, even after your have had a shower, will still linger on your skin. This is because they are made with very heavy molecules: vanilla, woodsy sandalwood, patchouli and ambers who just like to linger forever. And then, you have all the other fragrances in between. Of course, the concentration of the fragrance can also be responsible for the lasting experience on your skin. If you wish a fragrance that will last a long time, then you definitely need to go with the perfume version.

Natural vs Aroma molecules: Our darling marketers have made us believe that all that comes from nature is better and more durable…The truth in perfumery is that unfortunately (or not) when a fragrance only contains naturals, it will evaporate very quickly. To allow for sillage and lasting power, the use of aroma molecules is the only solution: use these fabulous musks and ambers that will give your fragrance great soul that will make you glow with your fragrance.

Skin and diet: A fragrance will normally hold much longer when your skin is hydrated than when it is dry. This is why many fragrance houses will recommend using a fragrant body lotion and then apply the matching Eau de Toilette or Perfume – they will encourage you to “layer your scent”, and your fragrance will last longer on your skin. Your diet will also influence how long your fragrance will stay on your skin. Depending on what you eat, sometimes your skin will diffuse its “own fragrance” that will compete and mask the one you have applied. Also, sometimes, depending on the medication that you may be taking, your fragrance will dissipate very rapidly.

Finally, be very mindful of how much fragrance you apply on yourself. Many people reapply their fragrance because they can’t smell themselves anymore, but God knows, they sure smell a lot. Funny enough, this often happens when your fragrance is a perfect match to your personality and you don’t feel it anymore. Ask your best friend or your partner for their advice, and they will tell you if you still smell or not. Don’t just think that you don’t smell anymore because you can’t smell yourself.

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