A dream is a wish your heart makes...

At the stroke of midnight last night, the pumpkin in our window changed into a Lili Carriage

The Concept: 
Fairytale theme inspired by the Cinderella story. “Believe that your wishes/dreams will come true. Create a magical, symbolic window inviting the by-passer to escape from the contemporary reality…Believe in Fairy Godmother, Santa or a beloved one to make your dream become reality, to bring you the very special LILI BERMUDA Perfume that your heart desires.

The Installation: 
We set the tone with a beautiful castle staircase poster as a background. Marie-France added some LED lights to the carriage to create a brighter and more festive scene. Painted a central stand to hold a support (box with rotating bottle). Glued glittery petals to a perfume box to create a large white poinsettia as the support. Placed the rotating base inside the box and our LILY perfume bottle on top of it. A few gifts wrapped, a Cinderella glass slipper (reference to the fairytale) and of course a few boxes of our LILY perfume.

And here it is, our spectacular 2017 LILI BERMUDA Holiday window!

Store Window Display

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