Lili Bermuda Arrives in Palm Beach! 🇺🇸

As many of you know, my journey with Lili Bermuda is a very personal one. Everything that I do, is an extension of who I am and of what I love. My love affair with Palm Beach started over 10 years ago when my late husband decided to take me to the Breakers for a long weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I remember vividly crossing the Royal Park Bridge and thinking: “Oh wow, this is a special place…I am going to like this place”. And then when we turned into the Breakers driveway, I thought I had died and gone to heaven…… 

From that day on, the Breakers has become my secret and safe spot where I go when I want to hide. Palm Beach is so much like Bermuda: safe, manicured, elegant, but not too ostentatious. Like in Bermuda, there is nothing loud, in your face and distasteful. Palm Beach is quaint, has magnificent gardens and has a lot of self-confidence. It’s my kind of place!

I think that one of the most stressful but also most valuable part of my journey has been to find the perfect people to surround me, who share my love for Lili Bermuda as well as my vision. There is no science for this. For me, it is all about feeling that personal connection. When I met Ivy Goldberg, our Palm Beach store manager, I soon knew that she had the experience, knowledge and passion to steer that ship. Ivy is not only perfectly qualified, but more importantly, she is delightful to work with. I could not be better surrounded.

What seduced me the most when I decided to take the space of 323 Worth Avenue to make it the home of Lili Bermuda, was the quaintness of Via Newsome. It reminded me of a charming St George’s alley, such as Taylor Alley, right by the Perfumery in Bermuda. Via Newsome has great lighting, a lovely fountain, lush planters and climbing orchids and even a few cherubims….it was for me another sign of heavenJ. As for decorating the space, I wanted it to feel like a welcoming Bermuda home: come-in, we were expecting you, the table is set for your perfume discovery adventure. Lili Bermuda Palm Beach is a place where you come to get a piece of Bermuda. You can sit, take your time, stay for a while, maybe sip a Dark n’ Stormy, and choose your own piece of paradise.  

Now that I have my store on Worth Avenue, at Via Newsome, I still go to the Breakers to hide, but when I come to work, I have found a lovely pied-a-terre at the Chesterfield Hotel. That hotel, is a stone's throw away from the new store. From there, I can walk everywhere, and enjoy discovering my new neighborhood and go for dining al-fresco.

I love Palm Beach, but I never thought it was that quiet in the summer. I have met lovely people already and everyone has been so welcoming, especially my next-door neighbor Gabriel who manages the Café Delamar. Gabriel, like me, is a French Canadian. He has been so kind and generous with us in sharing some of his intelligence about the neighborhood. He now feeds me lunch every day when I am in Palm Beach.  

Ivy promises me that we will get very busy when all the snowbirds return to Florida from spending their summer up north. I can’t wait for them to discover our beautiful fragrances and catch a piece of Bermuda. I am planning on spending a lot of time there this winter with the children and learn everything about the Palm Beach lifestyle: go watch a game of Polo, enjoy the opera at the Kravis Center and enjoy a glass of rosé at HMF. We will spray lots of Mary Celestia, Nautilus and South Water around. Palm Beach will soon be the best smelling town in the USA. Cheers!!

To find us in Palm Beach, visit:
Lili Bermuda
323 Worth Ave
Palm Beach, Florida or 561-225-1178

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