Lola: Summer intern in Bermuda!

A sensory discovery from Madagascar to Bermuda

I think I fell in love with Bermuda from day one. 

I fell in love with the hint of the ocean breeze along with the scent of Bermudian flowers. I fell in love with the terrific golden hours on Flatts Village. I fell in love with the cute sound of the kiskadee bird song, and for the adventurous bike rides around the island. I fell in love with the gorgeous pink sand beaches and its crystal clear waters. 

Having grown up in Madagascar, it has enabled me to live in a unique biodiversity sanctuary that is incomparable to Bermuda. But during my stay here, I was impressed by the potential of the mythic island. Along its 22 miles, Bermuda teems with fantastic scents, wonderful colors and sounds. 

Bermuda is such an island that would stimulate anyone’s creative imagination and its beauty deeply touched me. Before I came, I dreamed a lot about it, and now I am thankful that I had the chance to live the dream. 


An unforgettable encounter

If I had to choose one word to describe Isabelle, I would pick inspiring

I am impressed by the way she built her business and I admire her strong commitment to defend her ideas and reach her goals. I admire her spontaneity and her positive energy that have motivated me throughout my work at Lili Bermuda. 

Isabelle is so talented. I love hearing her describe the olfactive notes of her fragrances and I will always remember her unique interpretations. 

We had so much fun and an amazing time creating a scent for Hendrick’s Gin by twisting Lili Bermuda’s 64 West fragrance with nice nuances of Rose and Cucumber. As part of this project, I had the opportunity to help her animate a Perfume Workshop and I also had my very first Gin tasting experience. Lots of laughs and funny faces! 


A family business

While taking a tour of the Perfumery, I had several clients ask me if Lili Bermuda was a family business. I systematically answers no but I can assure you that it truly feels like one. 

From sharing our passion with our clients to creating cut packaging and facing centipedes in the Perfumery, working at Lili Bermuda was a terrific adventure! 

I sincerely enjoyed being a member of this family during three months of the summer, and I am grateful that I had the chance to learn from the amazing women working at the Lili Bermuda Perfumery. 

I had the chance to receive education in the field of Perfumery and Cosmetics during my year of study at ISIPCA in Versailles. A world-renowned institution for its vocational course and research in Perfumery and Cosmetics. But there is no better school than the Lili Bermuda Perfumery! During the past three months, I have found inspiration, fostered my curiosity and gained knowledge of the Perfumery working at Lili Bermuda. 

I am truly grateful for everything, thank you so much my Lili Team! 



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