Petals and Plates – A Sensorial Picnic

On January 16, 2020, together with the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Discovery Wines, and Eattafel, we hosted a Fragrance and Food Pairing Picnic to kick off Restaurants Weeks 2020. 

This was most certainly the greatest event I have ever been to!

If you are a perfume aficionado, foodie and a garden junkie, this event was going to take you straight to heaven. OMG, what a perfect day this was. My absolute, most perfect Thursday afternoon ever.

Glenn Jones, Chief Experience Officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority, contacted Lizzy from Eattafel and myself back in the Fall of 2019 and asked us if we would be interested in doing a pairing of fragrances and food in the rose garden of Waterville. Lizzy who loves picnic and delights in good food and wine, and myself with my Lili Bermuda nose, enthusiastically said YES. Not…ah, that sounds like it could work, or ….let me think about this…..but: YES, ABSOLUTELY!!!

What a pleasure this project was to bring into life from the beginning to its execution, which was flawless. Lizzy developed this lovely menu, which was made with locally sourced ingredients, and I paired our Lili Bermuda fragrances with them. The menu consisted of a fresh salad and goat cheese, and a cauliflower soup as appetizers. These were paired respectively with Calypso and Coral. Then, for main courses, we had a rack of lamb and pumpkin ravioli, which I paired with Somers and Paradise. And for dessert, we had a coconut cheesecake and a panna cotta, which I paired with South Water. This menu was accompanied with refreshing Rosé wines from Discovery Wines. The food was excellent, and the perfumes, of course, were divine. 

But what made that event most perfect was everything else: the sun was shining low and gently; the breeze was soft and rosy. The roses in the garden had put on their nicest gowns, and together with the string trio, they made us waltz the afternoon away. It was a perfect moment in my life I wish I could have stopped and make linger into the weekend.

To have a good time in Bermuda, you need nothing else than to take the Island’s surroundings as they are, and breath deeply. This place is just magical. When I think I have seen Bermuda’s absolute best side, I look at the other side, and I get mesmerized again and again.

Going around that garden on that Thursday afternoon, I created another 100 new perfumes in my head. THIS, was a perfect day.

Cheers to Lizzy, Discovery Wines and the A Team at The Bermuda Tourism Authority for making this picnic one of the greatest days of my life.



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