The Inspiration Behind Nautilus

The adventure of Nautilus started about 6 years ago in the most unexpected way. I was in NYC sitting in a hotel lobby where I picked up a magazine and started reading an article about the perfection of the math theorem behind the Fibonacci. I was captivated about how nature perfectly builds shapes out of nothing. And from studying these shapes we find applications to our everyday life. I felt so blessed to be touched by grace on this moment, where I was expecting it the least. 

I started immediately to study those nautilus shapes and was fascinated with their color and how perfectly they looked. I would contemplate these shelves and dreamed of making a fragrance that would capture the movement of their shape. These nautiluses are perfectly shaped by nature – and what role do they have in this world really but only to give us immense pleasure of beauty.

I thought there was something also very masculine about the nautilus. In its perfect shape, there is elegance, movement and strength. There is also wisdom and order in them. Just by looking at them, you know that there is something very complex going on, and that there is a greater force that had to give them their divine role in this world.

Nautilus soon became a personal and intimate part of who I am as a woman, and how I see and admire the good and strong men of my universe. Men who are thinkers and movers, who take their lives in their own hands, who love to save the world and make it a better place. I see in Nautilus my own son William who is becoming a man and who wants to make a difference. My son loves nature and has a great sensitivity for the beauty of his Bermuda surroundings. On a Sunday afternoon, William just wants to spend his time alone at Hungry Bay exploring the reefs, surfing the waves or fishing, or just being still and marvel at the sunset. Whether the ocean is calm or wild, William wants to be part of it and he wants to beat to the same rhythm. That’s what Nautilus is about: a beautiful emotion shaped by ocean and revealed in a masterpiece that combines energy, science and great fragility.

I always loved the fusion of a fougère and vetiver accords. For me, this accord always gave me the wow factor. It is distinct, and it has a lot of positive energy. There is nothing subtle about it. It wants to shine and make a statement. I wanted this fragrance to be an oceanic reflection of Bermuda and I wanted to give it a very masculine aura. Nautilus is a fusion of water, air, and woods. The composition begins with a cool aquatic salty accord with a vibrant blend of citrus and herbs. The heart of Nautilus is mixed with aromatic notes, sea notes laced with contrasting spices. Finally, its base notes reveal a modern and sensual woody nuance, with mysterious facets, unique and timeless.


Nautilus is available as a 100ml Eau de Toilette and as a Travel Atomiser. Email us your first impressions of Nautilus! Or tag us #lilibermuda

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