Spend a perfect day in St. George

St. George is one of the oldest towns in the western hemisphere. Founded in 1609, it has a lot of tales to tell….and many characters populate this town. That alone, I probably find to be its most charming feature.

In the winter time, I recommend that you make your St. George’s Day on a Wednesday or Saturday, because that’s when most of the museums are open, as well as when the re-enactment takes place and other activities such as popular walking tours. In the summer, tours are offered more frequently. 

If you can, plan a full day just for St. George. Start in the town itself, with St. Peter’s Church and right behind it with the Historical Society. Then, lose yourself walking mindlessly through the quaint alleys of the town. You will not be lost for long, trust me, and you will discover beautiful places, squares, hidden gardens and many cats. It is a paradise for an amateur photographer.

Food wise, there are a lot of options. Paula’s Afternoon Tea on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Perfumery offers yummy locally baked savoury and sweet treats. When the sun is shining, tea is served in the garden. It is probably the most enchanting hour you will spend in Bermuda. If tea is not your thing, you can bring a bottle of champagne. Paula has an ice bucket for it and will lend you some flutes to ensure that your time with us will be perfect.

If you like museum hopping, you will find many of them in the town: Globe Hotel, Tucker House and many more. Keep in mind that many of them are run by volunteers and that their opening hours are often short, especially in the winter time.

As a Perfumer of course, I love gardens with their plants and flowers and everything that smells. Somers Garden is a lovely place to go read a book or just wander by. It has a beautiful Bermuda moongate where you can kiss, hold hands and make wishes. Somers Garden is such a romantic place. It is believed that the founder of Bermuda, Sir George Somers, had his heart buried in Bermuda when he died in 1612….

After you finish visiting the town, walk up Duke of Kent street to the Unfinished Church, which is also a fascinating landmark of our town. It is a favourite place for weddings and other formal ceremonies to take place. It is another quiet and fascinating place. Get your yoga mat and do some meditation there if you can.

From the Unfinished Church, make your way to Tobacco Bay. This is probably the best snorkelling spot on the island. And it is perfectly appointed with beach chairs, music and snack food. Now, the best place for cocktail hour is definitely the Beach House at Blackbeard’s, not far from Tobacco Bay, right by Fort St. Catherine. This is where you will find the absolutely best sunset in Bermuda. I recommend toasting your day with a Dark 'n Stormy.

St. George’s is the heart of Bermuda, where it all started over 400 years ago. For sure, a day up on the East end will be the best part of your time in Bermuda. Cheers!


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