Hot Air Balloon Christmas Window

Inspiration: As every year, we wanted a sophisticated and magical window. But this year we thought an animated display would attract more attention.

Message: Santa coming to Bermuda by air balloons delivering Lili Bermuda Christmas gifts. A sparkling demonstration of pink, white and silver glittered balloons.

Process: The foam balls decoration took the longest time to achieve. I started by attaching the ribbons and tassels to each of the 4 balls. Then I glued over 2,000 pearls and glitter of the 3 different colors. My finger tips still remember the hot glue! Then I glued a Lili Bermuda box and perfume bottle on each basket, and hook them to each ball. It took me around 50 hours to entirely complete the air balloons.

Lili Bermuda Window In Progress

: We set up a beautiful aerial photo of Bermuda as a background and placed a few silver gift boxes on the podium. Then attached 2 balloons to 2 rotating motors placed in the ceiling. Sparkled glitter on the ocean blue podium and here you go, our Lili Bermuda Christmas window came alive!

Lili Bermuda Hamilton Hot Air Balloon Window

We invite you to come by and see the magic in person at Lili Bermuda, 67 Front Street, Hamilton.  

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