Why is Lili Bermuda a rare perfume?

Why is LILI BERMUDA a rare perfume?

Because our perfumes are only made in very small batches and only sold in Bermuda either through our stores or through an exclusive few stores around our Island. We are very careful about who handles our perfumes before they reach the hands of our faithful customers. We want to make sure that every bottle is in perfect condition and has been handled with care.

How long does it take to create a perfume?

It depends on the complexity of the fragrance you are creating. I have created fragrances in 2 weeks and others have taken years. Here’s how it works for me: Most times, I get an idea of a fragrance in my head, and then I try to physically create it with a formula. It may sound simple, but it isn’t. Very often, we never get there, so we have to put it away and go back to it later on. Along the way, we get a new idea and modify the fragrance accordingly. It is always fascinating. Some fragrances, such a Fresh Water were easy to create. It is a simple blend of happy citruses, and we accomplished this in about 10 days. Petals and 64 West, on the other hand, were complex and intense at the same time. It took us forever to say: “ok, this is lovely and I want to show this to my clients”.

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