The Power of Layering

If you want to make your Lili Bermuda fragrance last all day, layering is key. But when we talk about layering at Lili Bermuda, we're not talking about layering multiple perfumes on top of each other. Instead, we recommend using the same fragrance, but in different applications: start by using the fragrant soap, then the body lotion, followed by the actual fragrance. This will help to prime your skin for the fragrance and make the scent last longer. The combination of the toiletries will intensify the scent and give it more dimension and body without altering the original fragrance.

Here are a few other tricks:

  • Make sure your skin is always well moisturized, so it can retain the fragrance longer.
  • Add a few drops of your fragrance to your bath water and let it envelop your body, creating a magical and relaxing moment.
  • Spray your fragrance on your clothes before putting them on.
  • You can also lightly mist your hair with the perfume and apply scented lotion to your arms and legs. Your hair is porous and will absorb and retain the fragrance all day.

There isn't a "right way" of wearing your fragrance to make it last longer, there are many methods, so find the one that works best for you – create your own fragrance ritual that will make you feel beautiful. Personally, I prefer to have a clear olfactory perception of those around me, so I avoid wearing any scent around my head. Instead, I tend to apply my fragrance on my arms. Also, keep in mind that some fragrances last longer than other, just by their nature: amber, vanilla and woody fragrances last forever, but citruses and extremely volatile. Like your favorite lipstick, keep your favorite fragrance close by and adjust your scent when you think you need a little more spritz.

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