Fragrances on the Go!

Travelling with your fragrances.

Like me, you probably dread the security check point at the airport, and worry that an agent will confiscate your favorite fragrance from your carry-on. When I travel, I always want to make sure that I carry containers that are “obviously” less that 100ml. Mind you, all our Lili Bermuda fragrances are TSA approved, but just to make sure I don’t get questioned or receive skeptical comments from an overzealous officer, I try to travel with only small size fragrances.

Lili Bermuda would not be in business if it did not perfectly cater to the traveler…..after all, many of our customers discover our fragrances while travelling to our Island….so our fragrances are always ready to jump in the plane. As mentioned earlier, all our fragrances are TSA approved for carry-on, YES, even the large 100ml bottle. But we also have twist and spray travel atomisers, with refills available, and so you can use the same outer case for many fragrances. When I travel for more than a few days, my other favorite option is the Fragrance Library. This one is amazing because you can carry a little vial of the whole collection safely in the travel box they come in. It is sleek and practical and can fit perfectly in your purse or computer bag. That way you will have a different fragrance for every occasion during your trip: Fresh Water for your golf game; South Water for your lunch date at the beach terrace; SunKiss for cocktail hour; and Coral for your dinner party!

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