Nautilus, a fragrance inspired by powerful storms!

Fierce Hurricane Fiona just passed by Bermuda. We are no stranger to these amazing climate phenomenons. Have you read the story of the Three Little Pigs? Well, every Bermudian has learned from the third little pig: there are no houses built of straws and sticks around here. Indeed our houses and roofs are built using stone following a strict construction code. Our houses are not going anywhere despite the very strong winds. If anything, the shutters will fly away, a window will crack, and the roof will lose some tiles, but overall, we should be fine. It does not mean that it is not always totally scary to prepare for one but Bermudians, hard at work, always prepare for the worst. 

Here is our small, but mighty, Bermuda (the small dot), right as Hurricane Fiona was at her closest point. 

Hurricane Fiona Bermuda

It is the hurricane season that has inspired Lili Bermuda’s Nautilus fragrance.

When Isabelle created her latest Men’s fragrance, she wanted to embody this type of stormy weather. She envisioned a complex and divine relationship between man and nature, a battle against the elements of earth and water. Nautilus reflects the supernatural energy of the crashing waves against the idyllic beaches and reefs of Bermuda. Powerful, unapologetic and dramatically destructive, Nautilus was created for a strong and unpredictable man like a legendary Bermuda storm.

Wearing Nautilus brings invigorating energy to the modern man. The fresh Verbena and crisp Bergamot Top notes instantly bring a refreshing effect of vitality and energy. Geranium and Lavender create a soft aromatic scent that pleasingly develop after a few minutes. But it is the ambery Vetiver and White Musk that gives the fragrances its unique character and creates that beautiful feeling of freshness and masculinity on your skin.  

Nautilus is a gift from nature with its most dramatic expression of power and beauty.



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