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A College Girl’s Guide to Fragrance, Part 1

In Bermuda, you can’t help but be enchanted by the spontaneous whiffs of frangipani, rose, and freesia that fly by your nose at any moment of the day. As the daughter of a perfumer, awareness of nature’s natural fragrance and interest in all things that smell is in my blood. My love for fragrances started young, and Lili Bermuda fragrances have accompanied me throughout the years. 

When I moved into my dorm at the Catholic University of America, I had to have a fragrance shelf in my dorm room, displaying Lili Bermuda’s magnificent fragrances. There, I finally escaped the school uniform that I wore for 13 years and I found much excitement matching my fragrance to my outfit, to the weather, and whatever occasion! When I first entered university, I was surprised that girls weren’t wearing any perfume. In college, you learn how to make your mark in the world and how to present yourself worthily. A fragrance can help with this and it is such an easy fix! 

I have spent the past two years finding the perfect fragrances for every occasion and what I have come to has shown success! For the college girl who wants to elevate her ‘fragrance presence’ at uni, here it goes: 

  • In college, intimidating moments are inevitable, like when you have to present a paper or have a big interview. A fragrance can give you that boost of confidence because not only do you speak, act and dress like a girl boss, but you smell like one too! Even when my classes were online last year, I always applied my fragrance before class because it was work mode and I was set to conquer that day! 
  • Applying your fragrance. 
    • A lot of my friends use their fragrance sparingly because they don’t want to ‘run’ out, when in fact you only run out when you actually use it, not when you only wear it on exceptional occasions. But don’t get me wrong, every day is a special occasion to wear a fragrance. If you apply your fragrance in an ‘economical’ way, it can last you a long time, you will wear it more frequently, and the fragrance can work its magic because you apply it in the right places! 
    • I follow the ‘6-spray’ rule when applying my fragrance. One spray behind each ear; one behind your neck (your hair will catch the fragrance and will leave a trail behind you as you walk); one on your chest (your clothes hold the fragrance for much longer than your skin because of the absence of natural oils found on the skin); one in the middle of each forearm (but don’t rub your wrists together! It destroys the molecules). 
    • I never spray the fragrance into the air and walk through it. Your body does not catch the fragrance like this and it ends up perfuming the air instead of you. If anything, this is what wastes the perfume. 

My wonderful violin teacher in Bermuda, Dr LaTannia Ellerbe, recalled her father (a fragrance lover) once saying that to walk out of the house without a fragrance is like walking out of the house naked. This couldn’t be more true for me! A fragrance is a beautiful companion and it is important that it compliments you in every way. 

From one girl trying to make her way as a young adult in college, keep smelling good:) 

Written by Marie-Sophie Brackstone

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