Choosing the right fragrance for your wedding

Your wedding day is the most anticipated day of your life. You will marry the love of your life, many of us will change our name and from that moment on, you know that your life will never be the same.

You are putting much care into choosing your dress, shoes, jewelry, hair style and make-up. Your ultimate accessory, the one that no one will see, but that will be your aura during that special day, is the fragrance will choose to wear. Choosing that fragrance should be fun and inspire your wedding journey.

It always humbles me when a client asks me to accompany her in choosing a fragrance. Truly, there is no recipe. You must try many and see what suits you best. Start with what you have and like in your own fragrance collection and ask your fragrance advisor to show other similar fragrances. Don’t hesitate to re-smell some of those classic fragrances. Many of them are masterpieces and can take you right back to fond childhood memories: to that garden where you liked to play or to that kitchen or workshop where something you love was being made. You can also get your inspiration from the flowers you will have in your bouquet: roses, peonies, lilies, orchids….the possibilities are endless. Alternatively, you can get inspired by the season when you will marry, and decide to wear something warm and woodsy, such as a Passion Flower; something summery and floral, such as a Petals, something light and springy, such as Coral, or something beachy, such as South Water or SunKiss. As I always suggest, there is no right or wrong, you should only wear something that truly makes you feel beautiful. And if you feel beautiful wearing that scent, there is no doubt that your spouse will absolutely love it.

If you wish your fragrance to last all day, I suggest that you layer your scent as you get ready for your big day. Start by adding a few drops of the fragrance you will wear in your bath water, then, apply the body lotion on your skin when it is still damp and warm so it penetrates well into your pores. Then apply your fragrance on your pulse points: behind your ears, on your wrists, behind your knees and everywhere you like to be kissed….You can also spray some fragrance on your vail and on your train if you have one. Ask your Maid of Honor to carry with her your fragrance along with your lipstick, so you can adjust it when you refresh yourself.

You may not continue to wear the same fragrance for the duration of your life. But the one you choose for your wedding day will always remain very special to your heart.

As we have been making perfumes since 1928, every week I serve ladies who wore our Lili Bermuda fragrances when they were married 25, 50 and 60 years ago. The emotion that comes when they smell their Passion Flower or Oleander is always poignant. I have seen a few nostalgic tears too, which warm my heart like nothing else. Choosing the perfect fragrance is an important detail that will follow you all your life….. happily ever after…..

We can also create customized your medals for your bottles. We need approximately 4 weeks to do this. 

Wedding Perfume

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