When the children spread their wings….

I just returned from Montreal where I was helping my middle child, Gabrielle, move to her first apartment. She will be there to attend Business School (JMSB) at Concordia University. Family and friends around us have been super generous is offering furniture and in giving us rides to the infamous IKEA, Best Buy, Costco, and Walmart….We were done in about 2 days of intense shopping. We were exhausted….but super happy about the result. Gabrielle has a lovely home. I am proud of her and of her journey so far. She is serious in her studies and has chosen amazing friends to surround herself with. Last night, we went for a lovely dinner. I left fresh tulips on her dining table and I offered a blessing as I left her place….

In a few weeks, I will travel to Savannah, Georgia, to visit my eldest daughter Marie-Sophie. She will be spending part of the summer shadowing the works of a professor who is starting a Liberal Arts graduate school there. It will be magnolia season and we will delight in the southern charm of that beautiful city. Marie-Sophie has had a few homes already, and I was not able to help her settle into all of them because of Covid, but I know they were all cozy and filled with good spirit.

And in September, it is in Sackville, New Brunswick, that I will travel with my youngest, William, to set up his home, as he starts his journey at Mount Allison University where he will study in Fine Arts. A young man’s home will be very different for sure. The good news is that William also loves nice surroundings, flowers and décor. He will love the outdoors of eastern Canada and I can’t wait to enjoy local fish and lobster with him.

I do comprehend the reality of soon being an empty nester. But what gives me comfort is knowing that my children will have good places that they can call home. We give everything to our children, including how they should value their home. This place they return to rest their soul, to recharge, to eat and drink and to find peace. It is wonderful to discover their favorite local restaurant and the Church they choose to worship at.

For me, Mother’s Day is celebrated every day I know my children will be fine. My gift is to see my children happy, thriving and succeeding in how they choose to use their talents, and to be good people. On Mother’s Day, I count and name my blessings: Marie-Sophie, Gabrielle and William. Happy Mother’s Day!


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