Magic of Lili Bermuda Scented Candles

We invite you to discover a new sensorial experience with our Lili Bermuda Scented Candles Collection. Our candles are handcrafted with 100% botanical waxes, organic cotton wick and the most precious scents to recreate an idyllic Bermuda atmosphere.

We all love the lingering scented journey of a candle delicately burning at home or at work. It is a little pleasure that we can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Lili Bermuda Candles are perfect gifts for any celebration, and are equally appreciated by women and men. Elegantly packaged in a navy blue velvet bag, elegantly hand tied with Lili Bermuda’s seal of quality and craftmanship, our candles always create a guaranteed wow effect! 

Lili Bermuda Candles Collection is composed of 4 fragrances:

The Coral candle delicately conveys the scent of white roses, freesia, ginger and clementine. A refreshing floral and citrusy fragrance inspired by the morning dew and the gentle ocean breeze in Bermuda. A Coral candle has an elegant and light scent that will capture the freshness of spring in your home all year around!

A SunKiss candle is the most appropriate gift to bring to your best friend’s pool party. SunKiss is a flirty summer fragrance filled with Bermudian fruity notes of sparkling loquat and juicy orange, luscious orange flower and creamy vanilla beans. A few candles around the pool or in the garden or under your porch will take you to sunny Bermuda!

South Water is gourmand like a tropical cocktail made with exotic coconut milk, fruity guava and vanilla. Add a touch of soft and sweet mimosa and enjoy a pina colada style fragrance on a hot day. Our South Water candle will transport you to a beautiful South Shore beach!

Our Cedar scented candle is ideal around the holiday season. The bright and refined aromas of Bermuda cedar, lavender and rosemary create a festive atmosphere that will put you in a jolly mood. During the winter months, our Cedar candle wonderfully compliments the unique smell of cedar wood burning in the fireplace! Such a warm and comforting feeling. So get a good book and a cup of cocoa and have a relaxing afternoon enjoying a Cedar candle!

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