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A College Girl’s Guide to Fragrance-Part 2 

This post accompanies my previous post, where I outlined how to approach the world of fragrances for a young adult, making her way through university and life.

Growing up with Lili Bermuda, I have been able to test different fragrances for different occasions so that your fragrance can allow you to shine perfectly. 

For classes: 

Coral: Talk about girl boss! This is easily one of Lili Bermuda’s most popular because it is so unique, powerful, yet elegant and beautiful. It makes a statement and knows its worth, which is you in your job interview:) I’ve worn this fragrance on my first day of classes, concerts, and whenever I need to be reminded that I can do this! In the best way, it is ‘human’, meaning that it doesn’t try to please the appearances, but wants to bring out the real ‘you’. You are smart, beautiful, caring, etc, but at the end of the day, you are a human being living life,  and this fragrance surely celebrates that. 

Lily: A cousin to Coral, Lily is a simple fragrance and is filled with sophisticated flowers, yet leaves an elegant powdery trail. If florals aren’t your thing, but you still like a subtle and refined fragrance, Lily will be your best friend. A good fragrance for when you don’t have anything big that day. 

Petals: What an elegant fragrance. Petals is perfect for class because it is the epitome of feminine and floral, perfect for the beautiful girl who speaks eloquently and is enchanting. It is elevated, unique, and just beautiful to smell. 


Sunkiss: To me, Sunkiss is the peak of summer, when I’m at the beach and I want to be forever young! It is so youthful and always brings a good time. All of my friends grab this fragrance and it suits them so well. It is not sugary, but creamy and mature. I also wear this fragrance to class during the summer months. Like a good pair of shoes, it can be dressed up or down! 

Pink: All things pink! I love to coordinate this fragrance with my outfits. Pink is not too girly -girl, yet it is so fun and flirty. It is not overbearing and embraces femininity authentically. As you dance the night away, it will dance with you! 


When it’s the weekend, and you and your friends are heading downtown for some exploring! Your outfit is phenomenal, but you don’t know what fragrance to wear! Unlike the other categories, these fragrances are great accompaniments, rather than escorts. 

Sunkiss: This is an all-around great fragrance, and it is one of my most worn scents. It smells like the sun and adventure, which is perfect for what you’ll be doing! I will say, it is a light fragrance, so spray yourself before heading out the door, and then spruce up after a few hours with the solid perfume or travel atomizer! 

South Water: The coconut milk makes this fragrance youthful, whilst the sea salt grounds it and brings a dose of maturity. South Water is one of our unisex trios, so it aims to appeal to both men and women. It is playful without being too ‘young’ or loud. 

Petals: Since this fragrance is the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, I can’t help but imagine the springtime and walking by the cherry blossoms in DC, wearing Petals! This can elevate your outfit for brunch, picnics, exploring, and just hanging out with your girlfriends!

There you go! Lili Bermuda has the Discovery Set, which is a great option to experiment with what fragrance best fits you and your environment. Once you’ve chosen your ‘signature’, you can order the 100ml bottle of your choice with the gift certificate that comes with the sampler. Of course, any fragrance that you find and that you adore will be the best fragrance for any occasion, but this is a great place to start your fragrance journey! 

Written by Marie-Sophie Brackstone

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