My Greatest Adventure: Motherhood

Every day is Mother’s Day! That’s right…when you have 3 teenagers/young adults in your life, kitchen and business, every day is a celebration for life’s greatest gift: having three kind, generous and healthy children. 

At the Brackstone’s, staying connected to each other is what’s most important: every day, our evening meal is sacred: this is where we share our day, what we believe in and yes….where fights begin. We have heated discussions about everything: from vaccination to death penalty, all the way to the monarchy and veganism. There is no taboo subject and our guests are always fascinated (or scared) with what happens around the dinner table. The evening often ends with music being played and we are all singing and dancing, often inventing a choreography around a Princess or Rocky movie theme song….you see the picture. 

Brackstone Family

What is so marvelous about our family is about how much we care for each other – even when we fight ☺ because we profoundly wish for the best for each other. There is no secret for parenting. I think we each do this to the best of our abilities, and we give what we think is the most important for our children’s upbringing. 

Every family has its own rituals and at the Brackstone’s we treasure them: every night before we go to bed, before every meal, and on Sundays our family prays together. We allow time for expressing gratitude to each other as well as forgiveness for those times when we are not as kind as we should. 

To Marie-Sophie, Gabrielle and William, thank you for being my kiddies. I will always love you gros comme le ciel, la terre, la lune et les étoiles. 

Spray kisses – Pich pich, 

Maman XXX

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