Petals and Plates – Sensorial Experience

At Lili Bermuda we curate incredible sensorial experiences combining the talents of Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone, our Master Perfumer and Lizzy Blankendal of Eettafel Bermuda. For many years now, Isabelle has been collaborating with local and overseas Master Chefs, pairing elaborate menus with her Lili Bermuda fragrances.

Here is an example of what we can do:

Isabelle and Lizzy, under the patronage of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, organized a fantastic event in the Rose Garden of Waterville, property of the Bermuda National Trust. The day was perfect. Mother Nature blessed the moment with an amazing blue sky, spectacular views of Hamilton Harbour and a subtle rose scent floating in the crisp air of Bermuda. Lizzy had lavishly set up immaculate white tablecloths on long tables. A bouquet of fresh Bermuda roses added a touch of sophistication to the simple and elegant layout. Attending guests, relaxing under large pink umbrellas, were taken by the overall beauty of the venue.

Each course was inspired by Lili Bermuda Perfumes. Isabelle introduced the inspiration behind the creation of each perfume and the pairing notes found in each dish. The captivating storytelling linked with unique themes from Bermuda made each guest dream about their next adventure around the Island and seduced their sensorial imagination.

We can customize an event to a special theme dear to your heart. We love a new challenge and we love to make it extraordinary. Contact Isabelle at to start organizing your special event.