Meet Bri

Meet Bri who started #MomentsAtThePerfumery - touching stories about our customer experiences at the Perfurmery and the power of perfume. Through her stories, we are able to share that scent can literally touch souls in the most intimate way.

You can find #MomentsAtThePerfumery here:

How long have you worked at the Perfumery?

I started working at The Bermuda Perfumery in May of 2015 and have greeted thousands of guests who have entered our historic doors.  

Why do you love working at The Perfumery?

I love it because no two days are the same. Some days I’m greeting our guests and giving them complimentary tours and other days I am handcrafting our products. I've worked in customer service before but these experiences are like no other. Meeting our guests, and learning their stories is soooo touching. Fragrance is powerful.

What do you love to do on your weekends (or days off) around Bermuda?

Bermuda is the best place in the world for children to grow up. My weekends normally involve enjoying activities with my children. The time I have on my own is early mornings (6am), it's just me, my music and one hour of physical fitness.

What we love about Bri:

Our fragrances will touch your soul, but Bri will touch your heart. Bri has this gift of connecting with people which is genuine and amazing. She will make you laugh or shed a tear depending on your own perfume story. No wonder she wants to share her stories with and take us on her #MomentsAtThePerfumery. Her energy is intoxicating, I love spending time with her.

Fun Fact About Bri:

Her first Facebook post on Lili Bermuda got more views than our picture of Catherine Zeta-Jones at one of our launch events (sorry Catherine!)

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