Make a Christmas Wish

It all started with the desire to convey a message of Love, Peace and Harmony. The entire world has been facing very difficult times this past year, so we wanted our clients to look at our window and pause for a few minutes. Maybe even reflect on a peaceful scene…

We envisioned a very delicate, poetic and magic window. The idea of a sweet little Cherub placing his heart close to our precious perfume came to mind.
We first worked on finding a beautiful sky background, full of stars, comets and a romantic moon light. Then the vision became clear: you make a wish when you see a falling star, so our Cherub would make a wish this Christmas for a LILI Bermuda Perfume. The concept was created!
Santa's workshop: lots of details, fun and team work:
We got polyester filling to cover the podium and create a scene of clouds. Also our Cherub needed to be elevated so I glued that filling on a couple of columns and created the central cloud.

We also needed a few more falling stars so I sprayed some starfishes with a silver spray and attached a glittery silver ribbon to them.


Then I thought some lights would enhance the bird cage so I passed a very thin light thread through the bars at the top and bottom of the cage. I cut one of our perfume boxes and inserted a small revolving base so our LILI BERMUDA perfume bottle could rotate like a precious jewel in a display box.

Chiwun, our graphic designer, assisted us with creating the shape of the Cherub. We wanted the shadow of a cute little angel, with a child’s pout and some hair poking out. We made two die cuts that we glued together by the hands. Then Mario helped me to attach the feather wings to the body. Our LILI angel was ready and looked so adorable.
On D Day, the installation:
Carlos and Mario applied the poster on our background panels. We shaped a frame around the front and side windows, applying an icy spray that created the frosty look. I hung the silver stars to the ceiling and placed the boxy cloud in the center of the podium. Then Cherub kneeled comfortably on his cloud holding a pink heart as if he wanted to secure it in the cage close to the rare LILI BERMUDA perfume.

Then the real fun started! I covered the entire podium with the white filling. I had that soft slippery material between my toes and up to my knees. Isabelle was having a lot of fun passing me (shall I say throwing at me O;)) that fluffy material! Dropped a few delicate feathers on top and inside the cage like a delicate enchanted sprinkle…

A few more silver stars in the clouds and small white lights along the window and that was it! So much fun!

If you are in Bermuda, please come and visit our display at our Front Street boutique.

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