Love is in the Air and in our Window

The inspiration for the Valentine’s window is of course LOVE and our subtile PETALS fragrance. PETALS is elegant, exquisite and warm. This scent symbolizes femininity. We wanted a very soft and delicate display - pink, pearl and creamy colours in accord with the floral bouquet of Jasmine and Orange Flower. An oversized floral heart came to mind. 


The Execution: The most difficult task was to cut the wire in a heart shape and attach galvanized wire to create the frame. The next step was to attach each flower to the mesh…125 flower heads to secure with twisted fuse wire. Once all flowers attached, we stapled the inner gator board heart to the wire frame. Then we cut a back board to the size of the completed heart and joined together. Lastly, we added some fishing line and a couple of hooks to hang from the ceiling and Voila!

story display

Please drop by for a visit and say hello at 67 Front Street. Our Winter Hours (November to March) are Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.


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