The Luxury of Perfume

Have you ever tried Real Perfume? Not the Cologne, Eau de Parfum, or Eau de Toilette? I mean the REAL Deal, “Perfume”, the “Grande Dame” of fragrances. 

Of all fragrances, Perfume is the most intense in essential oil. Just a few drops of Perfume are enough to linger on your skin all night or all day. Lili Bermuda Perfumes contain between 25% to 40% of essential oils in their formula compared to the Eau de Cologne (5%), Eau de Toilette (8%-12%) and Eau de Parfum (15%). So you will use less of this precious liquid as it is very rich. Since you put it on your pulse points, it is the heat of your body that diffuses it. Because of this, it trails differently. You wear your fragrance much closer to your body. It is intense and rich, but also opulent in a subtle and certainly very luxurious way. 

Each bottle of Lili Bermuda Perfume is filled and packaged by hand at the Perfumery in St George. Our Perfumes are delicately poured into an exquisite 15ml or 30ml clear bottle, handcrafted in France by Verreries Brosse, certainly the finest glass maker in France, where each ground top is adjusted by a French artisan in semi-automatic production workshop.

We dress up each bottle with a unique color ribbon corresponding to each fragrance. The ribbon is woven and printed in France by another artisan, Sin-Rejac. Packaging is very important. Opening a Perfume box and bottle is a very special moment of excitement and anticipation. All of these are necessary to honor the beauty and exclusivity of our Perfumes. 

If you have never tried “Perfume”, the real “McCoy”, you have not lived 😊 ok, maybe I am going a bit far here, but you get my point…..Trying it will explain everything and the Perfume will speak by itself. Every time I tell a lady to try the Perfume on one wrist and the Eau de Toilette on the other, I always get revered comments. There is just no substitute.

Applying Perfume is also a precious ceremonial compared to spraying an Eau de Toilette. Each bottle has a square glass stopper that you will use to gently put on the Perfume on your skin. This is a very delicate and feminine gesture. It is like a ritual adding the final touch to complete your attire. Some women prefer to wear a Perfume at night or for a special occasion because they wish to make a statement and leave an unforgettable trail behind them. And they would wear a lighter Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne during the day. But most women who love a pure Perfume just wear it every day.

Some Perfume houses prefer not to make pure Perfumes anymore because of the high cost it entails. The highest concentration, the highest quality of essential oils and other products is needed. At Lili Bermuda, we only select ingredients of the utmost quality. We source the best essential oils and personally blend each one of them. 

Sweet story – when I was a young teenager about 15 years old, growing up in Montreal in the 1980s, I had 2 loves in my life: Opera and Perfume. And I had season tickets to the Opera de Montreal which I went to about 6 times during the fall and winter times. I had purchased this exquisite perfume with my own money called “Niki de Saint Phalle”, one half ounce of Perfume, for $150…..a fortune at the time, which was a spectacular oriental like we would never be able to make in 2020 because of all the regulations in perfumery….in any case, before leaving for the opera, I would apply my Perfume, and then dash out the door, dressed in my wools to catch my metro. It was my favorite thing in the world. I still have my Opera Perfume, which I have kept as a precious keepsake. I sometimes open it up and take a brief whiff. It takes me right back to these amazing moments of my youth. 

The Lili Bermuda seal has guaranteed the finest quality perfumes since 1928. 

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