What is a solid perfume?

What is a solid perfume and how is it different from the sprays?

There are many bases that can be used by perfumers to diffuse a fragrance on your skin. In our perfumery jargon we call these bases “carriers”. Their job is to carry the perfume to your skin. The purest form of carrier is probably alcohol, which dissolves the essential oils and allow them to blend with each other. Once you put your fragrance on your skin, the alcohol will evaporate and leave behind the blend of essential oils. Some of the other carriers that we use include the following: any soap, cream, talc powder, sea salts and beeswax. At the Bermuda Perfumery we use a base of beeswax to make our solid perfumes. These are wonderful as they come in a very small container, and they are perfect to adjust your scent during the day. And because they are very concentrated in essential oils, they tend to stay quite long on skin.

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