How to Try a Perfume

Start by smelling a perfume with a blotter to see if it is a perfume you think that you could wear. There is no point in trying on your skin a perfume that you will not like.

Although most fragrance stores suggest you to smell coffee beans between each sampling, for us perfumers, the smell of coffee beans is just another smell. Instead of smelling coffee beans, we recommend you to smell your body skin, your shirt, or go outside smell the fresh air to clear and relax your nose.

Once you put the perfume on your skin, let it blend and settle in your skin for about ten minutes. Walk around, do something else and then smell it again. This enables you to experience the full character of the perfume and to obtain a hint of the different levels of the fragrance notes as the scent mixes with your body chemistry.

Your nose is the best judge in determining which perfume truly fits you. You must simply love the perfume you choose and feel good about wearing it.

Finally you should experiment with different fragrance families and different types of perfume. Perfume should be seen as a part of your wardrobe. Just as you wear different clothes for different seasons, occasions and moods, your fragrance collection should be rotated and balanced in this manner to include different fragrances for each occasion.